Yes, we do more than yoga

BJ’s for real, yo.

His latest video is a torcher. Or should that be torture? It’s not yoga at all, though in keeping with his Bryan-ness, it’s still yogic in the union of breath and presence and not being able to focus on anything but that very moment because your body is so taxed.

And in doing this video, he also answers a very popular question he and I get on our yoga vids: Do we do any exercise other than yoga? Here he is with a resounding YES!

We both love fitness and anything that moves our bodies. If you’ve seen my 100 Planks and 100 Push-Ups videos, you’ll know I especially enjoy bodyweight training, but I also love the challenge of a gym workout and how heavy I can lift (got up to 95 lb. dumbbell chest presses last year before a shoulder injury sidelined me. Back up to 85s, though, woo hoo!). Bryan enjoys more of a cardio and muscle workout, not pushing the amount of weight he can lift, but rather super-setting his way around the gym so that he moves quickly and his heart rate stays high.

He’s also the guy who works the hardest in step classes. Yup, the old-fashioned step aerobics. It can make for an extremely intense cardio and leg workout. While most people in the class are hopping about, hoping it will end soon, BJ attacks the step like a punching bag. You’ll get a sense of his endurance in his latest video. Not that it’s anywhere near the hardest workout he’s done, but you try doing it with his range of motion in the direct Caribbean sun in 30 degree celsius heat AND still be able to talk through the whole thing. Big props to our friend, Jacquie, who was able to keep up with him!

So yes, we do more than yoga. Yoga can be stressful for the shoulders and hips, and we both feel that working our backs in the gym can help take tension away from the shoulders, and working the glutes and leg muscles can keep the connective tissues around the hips strong. It can make for a more informed yoga practice, while the work in the yoga studio, both physically and mentally, can help maintain focus, posture, and a good range of motion for our gym activities.

And if you’re up for it, this Cardio Core Calorie Crusher is a great half-hour workout when you want to feel like you’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

2 thoughts on “Yes, we do more than yoga

  1. Well, I must admit I’ve been yelling at video-Bryan during this one – “why the f… don’t you get TIRED, you most annoying man!” But hey, it feels good afterwards, even if I can’t keep up during the abs-thing. Yet, that is 🙂
    Congrats on the new blog, you guys, and thanks for all the videos. A special thanks for making your videos so “down to business” with ordinary voices (in contrast to airy voice over) and without fancy (and endlessly long…) introductories and pling plong music.

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