Don’t Wait for New Year’s to Join a Gym

A gym in December is a little slice of heaven: no waiting for a free bench, the drone of cardio machines is kept to a low hum, and personal trainers take off early because their clients canceled at the last minute to attend another Christmas party.

For a gym-goer, it’s a pretty sweet time that will only last another few weeks. That’s because millions will buy a membership in January making the gym look more like a Walmart on Black Friday and a set of 20-lb weights harder to get than the last waffle cooker.

We never worry, of course, those of us who use the gym regularly. 80% of the newbies will quit within 5 months, so the stats say.

I can’t imagine what it would be like, walking into a gym in January and trying to build a routine and community while jockeying for just a little square on the floor or in a fitness class. I would be so annoyed, stressed, and intimidated by all the possible confrontations to be had in that kind of situation.Oh, excuse me, could you wipe down the machine after using it? Do you mind if I work in with you while you’re texting in the squat rack? Could you please stop throwing the weights down beside me while I’m doing core work?

It’s enough that it would make me want to quit! Oh, right, most people do.

That’s why I think you need to get your butt in the gym NOW! Not only is it the best time to do so when it’s nice and quiet, but you’ll get a head start on all the resolutioners. Besides, people who set a date to do something rarely follow through. You make up your mind and you do it… NOW!

I know it’s probably a busy time of year for you, personally, but just going twice a week is going to make you feel amazing. You’re going to have enough room to do what you want, there will be enough trainers or assistants to answer all your questions, and you can build a routine before anyone has a chance of derailing you. Then when the January rush comes, you can get in quick, keep your head down, follow your plan, and get out fast until the crowd thins and you can begin to take your time again.

Trust me. Don’t wait to join a gym. Don’t even wait to start working out, even if you’re not planning on joining a gym. The best time to start is right now!

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