Pass Out Power Yoga Video

What else to call a power yoga video where Bryan’s brother, Evan, nearly conks out at the 13:50 mark due to exertion and the 30 degree heat!? It’s a hard one, folks. Take it from me; I mean, I had to sit in the shade while playing games on my iPhone and checking the camera every now and then. So demanding!

Evan wasn’t the only one affected by the heat that day. I didn’t actually bring my video camera, figuring my Nikon would do just fine, even though it only records in 20-minute segments. I was wrong — it overheated three times. While I brought the camera in to cool off next to the AC, it gave the crew a chance to rest but it sent me into a mild panic, worried we wouldn’t finish the shoot. The third time ended with throwing in the Nikon towel and recording the final 15 minutes on my little point-and-shoot. I only realized when we got home that it too was overheating and gradually fogged up during Savasana. It’s fine, really, because you’re supposed to get foggy during Savasana, right?

I’m actually surprised I managed to convince them to do the video at all. A gorgeous day on the beautiful island of Bequia and these three are slogging away in direct sun on the burning terra cotta tile with a quenching pool just out of reach. But we know from experience that mixing relaxed lymin’ time on the island with some vigorous exercise makes for the perfect balance of body and spirit while on vacation. And right after the video was done, the pool was definitely used.
Pass Out Power Yoga Video
So get ready to sweat, but please don’t pass out! Bryan’s latest one-hour Pass Out Power Yoga video is very challenging so take your time and press pause whenever you need to:

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